Go here, go there, go everywhere No. 1

I’ve decided to start writing film reviews for my own gratification again.

“I didn’t know you’d done that first time around,” comes a cry from the wilderness.

Many moons ago, while at university and before I was misanthropically inclined towards students, I used to do regular reviews for the Film Society [1] for little reason other than I enjoyed it.

Mainly because I miss informing precisely three people, two and a half of whom are bound to disagree with me, I thought I’d start up again and put my Myspace blog to good use in the process.

(I’m not putting them up here because I’d rather this blog was a little more focused than the previous one [2] and I’d rather keep them all in one place, easy to scroll through with no other babble in-between. Plus, being on MySpace [3] at least I have an idea of the audience I’m writing for – assorted friends and acquaintances).

While I’m here, a few other bits and pieces to have a look at.

I signed up to Netvibes on the recommendation of Nosemonkey and it’s probably the best thing I’ve found so far for keeping track of all my RSS feeds, so thought it was only fair to push more traffic in their direction..

An old journalism training course colleague of mine, Will Jordan, is now working in the Maldives. This post is illuminating.

Finally, a quick plug to my housemate’s design business, BCW Design. He’s just gone full time with it, so any business you can put his way is good so he doesn’t get evicted. Plus he owes me a pint [4]. He’s in the process of redesigning the site, minus the grammar errors.

[1] Their website has gone through several updates, with the result my reviews have got lost in time and space. Fair enough. I’ve not been a member for nearly 3 years and carrying my writings is, well, a little behind the times.

[2] Insofar as that’s possible. My brain isn’t renowned for being focused on one thing at a time.

[3] Yes, I know its owned by Murdoch. I’ve been watching really bad BBC Programming (largely BBC3) every day in penance.

[4] We’ll overlook the fact I owe him a fair bit of money for the gas bill here…


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