Taking pot-shots

Once upon a time rulers would have been happy to lead their troops into battle. Think of Boudica rallying the Britons. Or Agamemnon leading the Greeks into the Trojan War. Of course, being a king [1] in battle had its downfalls, as no doubt Richard III would testify, were he alive.

Today [2] not only are such decisions taken de facto by Prime Ministers or others of that ilk but should an actual Royal [3] decide to follow the traditions of Monarchs past all of a sudden somebody worries that, well, he might get killed.

I’m reasonably in agreement with Michael White. If Harry wants to go to Iraq then let him go to Iraq. He’s joined the army, he wants to be there, his application outside the army would be… well, somewhat limited.

I’m not in favour of us being in Iraq. Never was in the first place but if we’re there we may as well try and make a good fist of it. And it’s nice to have a member of the Royal Family, an organisation to which I’m just the wrong side of indifferent to, actually leading by example.

Lieutenant Wales may be unlikely to produce the equivalent of the St. Crispin’s Day speech but I can imagine it helps morale. Not only does it show a leader [4] willing to get stuck in, but it always shows he’s no different, in some respects, from the rest of us [5].

Good on him if he goes. I’m not really fussed about the Royal Family, I’m by no means keen on war full stop, and its something I wouldn’t ever do myself [6] but if he truly wants to go then, despite him and his actions being something I’d normally argue against. it gives me a small sense of admiration for the little ginger bugger for sticking to his guns.

Try not to get shot, there’s a good chap. The media would go berserk and, frankly, I don’t think I could handle that.

 [1] Or queen.

[2] I was going to open this sentence with now, but in essence that would be Daily Express shorthand for ‘Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse’. 

[3] Especially one with little use other than for taking the paparazzi glare.

[4] Ok, I’m taking liberties with that word. Potential future leader. 

[5] Big house, rich family, servants attending to his every whim aside. 

[6] Aside from the fact I’d be useless in any war, no matter what history period. Tried shooting once. Got two shots on somebody else’s targets. Tried archery. Absolutely abysmal. I can’t actually think of a single use for me during wartime, other than chef. And not an army one, at that.


1 Response to “Taking pot-shots”

  1. 1 Chris February 22, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    He’ll be a proper bullet-magnet though. (If the eye-rackis recognise him – I imagine we all look the same to them. Even ginger tossers.)

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