And to think the same species invented sliced bread

We’ve all experienced the type of people Reynolds has been experiencing. The ‘What-I’m-doing-and-have-to-say-is-far-more-important-than-whatever-insignificant-act-you’re-currently-doing’ people, who put a in a complaint if you dare to contradict them.

Reynold’s job is a lot more serious, and important, than mine, but if you’re working for any kind of company in the public eye then you’re fair game – as long as you’re on duty you have to act impeccably. At a previous station I knew somebody who had a complaint put in against them because they’ve banged somebody’s car door in a car park when opening it. I did that the other day and got a torrent of abuse, so I’m just glad the vehicle I was in wasn’t branded.

I’ve had chavs try to steal my branded equipment when I’m trying to do interviews (I’m holding the equipment at the time usually). I’ve had people stop me when I’m carrying branded equipment to moan either about the station or something they don’t like in the world. I’ve had people who, because I’m carrying branded equipment, think they can hurl abuse (and in one case, eggs) at me.

I take it all. Like a human sponge. I know several people who’ve been hauled up for snapping back. That mark then hangs over them, all because some idiot thinks because we work in broadcasting, it must be in our job description to take abuse, in any shape or form, from members of the public.

This all feels a bit of an insignificant rant when put next to that of an ambulance crew (and I hope that find the moron who blocked the ambulance bay is fined, has his car towed away, crushed, chopped up into small pieces and posted to him. Every day. For a year. It’d be no less than he deserved.

Similarly if the story: “Man murdered by irate journalist” ever appears on assorted news outlets, I’d like you to know it was entirely justified. I don’t snap easily [1] but when I do, it’s not pretty.

God, I detest people some most days.

[1] Unless it’s a computer problem. I’ll quite happily rant at computers. And occasionally break them. 3 monitors and a modem is my tally so far. It doesn’t make them work any better, but the effect is strangely calming.


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