Burning books

Normally, I’m reasonably pro-EU but having just read Devil Kitchen’s thorough deconstruction of the EU’s efforts on their proposals for combating racism and xenophobia.

It’s the classic case of something with good intentions throwing up more, potentially sinister, problems.

Unity puts it best when he says:

“The suggestion that the Holocaust was a lie is one of such manifest absurdity that the very last thing we should be doing is trying to ban people from expressing such opinions. Since when did it become the job of governments to try prevent people from making complete and utter arses of themselves and telling the world that they’re a bunch of fascist, Jew-hating, nut-jobs. If anything we should be encouraging them speak up, simply because it makes it stupidly easy to identify and ridicule the scumbag.”

DK has a full roundup of opinion, which includes a fairly diverse range of bloggers from all across the political spectrum who all seem to agree on the central tenet of the problem. It’s a rare time when you’ll get Unity, Devil’s Kitchen, Chris Dillow, Iain Dale and Tim Worstall all agreeing on the same topic, broadly.

Anything I’ve got to say would simply parrot what others have said, so I’ll just point you in the direction of the humble Devil and let you click around.


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