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Move along now…

Firstly, ridiculously busy, so I’ll do my usual trick of throwing a few thinks together and hoping people will think I’ve got something interesting to say, before resuming normal service in a few days and pretending nothing’s happened.

Secondly, is it just me or has WordPress gone a bit doolally tonight. It’s eaten this post twice.

Thirdly, the links.

Chris Dillow on why opinions may be a bad idea. Interesting debate in the comments as well. Had I more time I’d post my, erm, opinion on this. Probably for the best I don’t, then.

Via the ASI (and others), a physics teacher’s open letter to the exam boards. Now, at risk of coming all Express-reader on you, having read some of the example questions he uses, I reckon I could have probably got a decent grade in that physics GCSE, and this is from somebody who really struggled with the subject at school to the extent I didn’t even take it at GCSE level. Would be interesting to see how I’d fare on a paper then and now.

(Not, I’d hasten to add, do I want to start bemoaning the ease of today’s exams. I can still remember working damn hard for my GCSEs and A Levels. But even a physics ignoramous like myself can tell those questions have precious little to do with the subject. I had to answer similar stuff for politics and media modules and, I’d imagine, geography, had I taken it).

And finally, I’m still to see Taking Liberties at the end of the working week. I’m halfway through the book now. I’d endorse Rachel’s plea, as this isn’t the kind of thing you’ll get to see in your local multiplex, but is worth seeing nonetheless. Even if you don’t agree with the polemic (and I’m sure it will may no apologies for being so), at least it should get you thinking and formulate arguments as to why you disagree. Much better brain food than Spider Man 3, which you shouldn’t bother with under any circumstances. And if you’re watching it at Exeter Picture House, I can highly recommend the cakes and odd assortment of beers in the upstairs bar.


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