Not quite a linkdump, not quite a post

Two excellent (and long) posts floating around at the moment that are worth reading if you get a moment.

Firstly, via the ASI, an excellent summarisation of the problems of liberalism, and its lack of definition. It’s one of the main problems I have with liberalism, if you’re going to describe yourself as one. Most people assume liberal means left-wing. It’s not, or not obvious to me. As Don’t Trip Up points out, you’re going to get social liberals who may appear to have something in common with the left, or even hard left. But liberalism isn’t socialism. To me, classic liberalism is, in a lot of cases, the antithesis of socialist philosophy, especially in terms of the rights of the individual. I had a two-day dalliance with socialism at university. Never again.

Although the more laissez-faire strand of liberalism, as the author describes it, feels to me more like libertarianism, the points are made well. If there was a decent set of liberals in politics, they should be leading the criticism of both Labour’s wholly illiberal and anti-libertarian anti-terror measures, as well as fiscal policy, yet shouldn’t be aligning themselves to the Conservatives because of the, well, conservative nature of the members.

Look, it’s late and I’m tired. I know what I’m on about. Go read the article. He makes more sense than me.

The second, and bugger all to do with the first, is Ministry of Truth’s excellent, detailed look at gun crime figures. Not really as much to say about that really, other than it’s very good.


1 Response to “Not quite a linkdump, not quite a post”

  1. 1 southernvoice August 27, 2007 at 11:21 pm

    At one time I thought that I was a liberal because I didn’t understand about the liberals in the Democratic party.

    Then I got a computer and came online and began reading the left wing news on the internet which is overwhelmingly owned by the liberals and jews out of the northeast whom I now call the moneybags because with their money they control our party.

    I read this leftwing news for years until finally I could stand it no longer. I found these people to be the biggest bigots on the planet. They hate Christians and they hate the people in the red states and they are so arrogant they think everyone else should do what they say.

    They say they believe in debate and free speech but I was thrown out of all their forums if I dared to disagree with them. They are destroying America, they attack our religion, our values, our history and traditions including one of Christianity’s most holy days, Christmas.

    The Democratic party was once the party of the Big Tent. Now democrats can’t even win elections because liberals have driven millions out of our party. I am a democrat but I hate liberals more than republicans hate them.

    Rahm Emanuel is the democrat who chooses party nominees. He was born in Israel and served in its military and of course is a Zionist and if candidates don’t support Israel then they won’t get the nomination no matter how good they would be for America. You should reseach Emanuel’s father. rahm is an Israeli who is now a kingmaker in the United States government.

    The liberals talked of how they were against Bush’s war in Iraq and they said just what democrats in America wanted to hear. Then the moneybags sabotaged the anti war movement by telling Al Gore that he would get no party money and no support and then they foist John Kerry off on us so that whether a liberal or a neo con got into office the middle east policy would be the same.

    Liberals are socialists. Liberals gave us diversity and political correctness. Today the USA is a nation of various groups with each seeking its own interests, rather than being a nation of one from many.

    Our immigration laws were changed in the 60s, led by Jacob Javits and other Jews. It is in the interests of the Jews not to be a noticable minority.

    Political correctness serves to hide the problems we have with diversity. Again it also serves to prevent anyone from criticising Zionism.

    today it is acceptable to talk about getting christians out of our own government but do you ever hear anyone talk of getting Jews out of our government?

    What is the difference between an Aryan nation and a Jewish state? Does the United States Consitution support ethnic or religious states? Would it be acceptable to make the United States into an Aryan Christian nation?

    Liberals are a bigger threat to America than bin laden could ever dream of being and the liberals and neo cons are flip sides of the same coin.

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