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Like Gum to a Tree

Dr. Matthew occasionally diagnoses mass idiocy on the internet. His Gumtree Dating Adventure Prank may possibly be the best thing he’s ever done [1]

I’ve been flipping onto Gumtree occasionally to look at the house adverts for the Big London Move. There appears to be a ratio of Idiots to Normal People to about 10:1. I may be somewhat generous to the idiots here.

While I’m on the subject of very strange things somebody found this blog yesterday by searching for “mating 1 year old snake is it advisable.” I’m proud and disturbed in equal measures.

Sadly, I’ve no idea if they were trying to mate with a one year old snake, or just trying to get it to mate. In either case, I’d say no. I went to London Zoo recently and there were some huge snakes there. I’m not as scared of snakes as I am of flying and Linda Barker, but I’d say anything that increases their numbers probably is a bad idea.

[1] Aside, of course, from his turbo dictionary, his email to Paul Daniels, the adventures of Michael the Hedge Sentinel, and his enquiries to Kit Kat and Rizla. In fact just read his whole blog. It’s a bit good.

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