Near State of Emergency

At approximately 6.13pm last Sunday, panic station was very nearly reached. Having successfully moved house and stocked up on food, I got down to the most important matter: sticking the kettle on.

At this point I discovered I’d forgotten the teabags, an act that would be vying for a top five spot in the ‘Idiotic Things I’ve Forgotten’ list.

A state of semi-panic descended. It’s one thing to lug boxes for an hour or so without a hot beverage. But to unpack the boxes without a cuppa? It would be unthinkable, had the previous sentence not just been typed, which not only makes it very much in the realm of thinkable, but a near-reality.

After a brief and frantic search, I located a few bags of Earl Grey in a plastic container, which meant The Great Tea Crisis had been downgraded in its status.

Approximately 90 minutes later I opened a small shoe box and discover a full range of tea, from standard tea through to Ceylon and Raspberry and Echinicha.

I also discovered I’d left my duvet a pillow behind, but that pales into significance compared to the thought of waking up and not being able to have a cup of tea. It wouldn’t even scrape the Top 40 ‘Idiotic Things…’ list.

So briefly, I’ve now properly moved into a house with a roof to call my own, and not a hint of a sleeping bag being needed. I’ve just about worked out London Transport, although there are still aspects that baffle me in this regard. Much like the bemusement of any Bolton fan who heard the words ‘Gary Megson’ and ‘man to keep us in the Premiership’ in the same sentence.

I’ve now also sorted out my internet connection, surprisingly in less than 20 minutes, given the fragile mental state of my computer. Essentially this means, I’m ready to eschew the customary apologies for failing to write anything of note on this blog in the last few weeks (bar the quasi-intelligent musings of the past couple of posts), and once again take up my rightful place as the JK and Joel (combined) of the oh-do-I-really-have-to-call-it-the Blogosphere. So that’ll mean the 7-or-so regular readers might log in more regularly if there’s nowt good on the telly, while yet more people can stumble across this place while searching for ‘Blue WKD Chicken’.

It’s good to be back.


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