R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It’s a four letter word.

Respect have fallen out among each other. This is not a massive surprise. Firstly, Galloway’s ego is too large to be contained within a party. He’s like a left-wing version of Kilroy-Silk. Sadly, I’m sure he’ll get more airtime than the man really should be afforded as a result of this.

Secondly, has anybody actually been in a room with the half or dozen or so main Socialist parties? It’s like sitting in on a meeting of the Judean People’s Front, the People’s Front of Judea, the Popular Front of Judea and the People’s Popular Front of Judea. They spend as much time bickering on who stands up for workers’ rights the most, who can get the most offended by non-equal ops statements, and why the SWP has put the SWSS into knip by taking a short cut past Mrs. Trellis’ back garden to East Putney.



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