Polly on voting reform

Ack. Polly Toynbee has a very good point right in from of her eyes and misses it with regard to voting reform.

First Past The Post is a rubbish system. I may not even vote at the next election because there really feels like no point to it. So I’d definitely welcome a move to change how we cast our vote – preferably with a ‘no suitable candidate’ option as well.

But… but… Is AV really the best system? It’s not really Proportional Representation is it, as Polly seems to think it is. Anyway, both are probably better than FPTP.

But is class and a growing wage gap really the reason we’re not voting anymore? Somehow, I’d imagine the fact that this government has shown no inclination whatsoever to listen to the electorate (bordering on contempt at times), plus the succession of gravy-train stories, like the Conway scandal, and a lack of real choice between Labour and any of the other two main alternatives, has more to do with our apathy than Polly’s world view.

Though she does manage to make one good point in her column:

“Jack Straw, publishing his draft Constitutional Renewal Bill this week, says he intends to consult “on how we might instil in citizens a greater sense that voting is an important civic duty, as part of a wider citizenship agenda – though we have no intention of criminalising those who do not vote”. Personally, I doubt that any amount of “instilling civic duty”, flag-flying or exhortation to Britishness will make any difference. What makes people vote is having something worth voting for – and something to vote against.”

I fear it’s probably a case of monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare with regard to this though.

Right, I’ll go back to waffling on about Web 2.0 and obscure football teams now. I promised myself I’d try to cut down on the politics, mainly because I’ve got very little to say that hasn’t already been said elsewhere, and partly because I worry I’ll end up sounding like a stuck record.


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