Angry Monday

As I’m a bit irritable currently (what’s new) and am a bit too busy to post a few longer (but no less ill-thought out) pieces, I thought I’d resort to the blogging equivalent of the comfort food that is Macaroni Cheese: the list.

Specifically, things that generally make me angry:

  • People who run for tubes. There’ll be another one in 60 seconds
  • People who jab buttons in lifts. It will not make the lift go any faster or skip to your floor.
  • Internet Explorer. Nuff said.
  • Linda Barker. Ditto.
  • People who stop in the middle of walking, thus precipitating you walking into their back.
  • People who get annoyed with you for walking into their back due to their desisting of motion midway through a busy street.
  • Excessive vowels in Scrabble.
  • Signs that tell me nothing I didn’t know, often accompanied by pictures that make no sense should you take away the writing (see also: Michael Bywater’s Big Babies).
  • Computers. Namely PCs. Not Macs. I like Macs.
  • Plymouth. Self explanatory.
  • Misuse of the word tragic.
  • People. Mostly stupid people, but depending on how misanthropic I’m feeling, this can be expanded.

That’ll do for now. I’m now off to work off my aggression by kicking a ball around some astroturf for an hour. I’m fully expecting a case of hamstring-twang or ankle-knack tomorrow, as is oft the case following this activity.


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