And now for something completely different and a bit saucy

Earlier today my Kiwi colleague asked me to explain just what exactly Brown Sauce is.

“Well, it’s like, er, ketchup, but, er, brown. And it’s a bit tangy. Um… Alex, how would you describe Brown Sauce?”

It took four of us to come up with a good definition – it’s a bit like pureed Branston Pickle, but a little hotter. Then came the next question: What’s Branston Pickle?

“You know, the stuff you get with a standard Ploughman’s.”

“What, it’s in sandwiches?”

“No. Er, yes. But that’s not a Ploughman’s. That’s a bastardized version of a Ploughmans.”

Fortunately I’ve had enough Ploughman’s in my life to know exactly what goes into a good Ploughman’s and this was a bit easier.

Somehow, though, I think the concept of a Ploughman’s baffled my colleague even further. Weird how little things you take for granted can seem so alien and confusing to somebody else.

[The best Ploughman’s I’ve ever had was at the Mason’s Arms, Branscombe. The chutney was amazing. I can thoroughly recommend it if you ever find yourself in that part of Devon – it’s about ten minutes from Sidmouth]


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