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Charlie Beckett: Reinvention the the key to the survival of the industry

Excellent piece from Charlie Beckett in the Press Gazette on what journalists should do to survive in a web-centric world:

“Not all this new-media stuff works. There is a limit to both the amount and the quality of what the public will provide. There is a danger that journalists will spend more time repackaging material for different platforms than creating content.

It is time to bring the “online team” or the “digital director” in from an office down the corridor and in to the middle of the newsroom. Everything from your email system to your Facebook site needs to be reconfigured.

Packaging and style will become less important than delivery, originality and interaction. Some people may regret that. I don’t. Some “classic” journalism will survive because a knowledgeable specialist will always have an audience. But the successful journalist of the future will be networked. This means becoming multiskilled. It means being able to connect lots of different content with a variety of customers.”

All good points and timely and relevant. Every journalist should at least be ware of these new web-centric newsgathering and publishing techniques and take time to at least look into what these techniques can do for them.

Journalism is changing. PR is changing. The media is changing. There are teenagers who’re starting to think about a career in journalism who will have grown up with the web. These are the readers and journalists of the future and will already be geared up to properly use the web, both as consumers and producers. The question is, are the current crop of media professionals ready for this challenge?


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