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Everybody’s Tweeting

Twitter may be down on a depressingly regular basis but it still seems everybody’s signing up to it. Radio 4’s Today programme is the latest. Downing Street got a fair bit of publicity for theirs (possibly the one piece of forward thinking they’ve done all year) and even Andy Murray has one as well. At least I think it’s him. Sounds grumpy and teen-speak enough. His brother Jamie also has a more chatty feed.

Now while Twitter definitely isn’t the new Facebook – slightly more limited appeal for a start – it’s increasingly becoming an effective PR/promotional/fan tool, as well as a news feed, and a place to network and make general conversation. It’s not quite mainstream, but if it doesn’t at least go beyond the early adopter/geek crowd this year then it probably never will.

That mainstream and traditional media companies and organisations are increasing getting their Tweet on suggests that they have enough regard and appreciation of it to make it worth their while to sign up and maintain a feed.

And yet Twitter’s regular outages and downtime will get people irritated and looking elsewhere and could yet be its downfall. FriendFeed and Plurk have been mentioned as alternatives, although whether they’ll take off or not remains to be seen. Is there even room for so many microblogging social media friend aggregator tools?

A few questions to finish: I’ve not signed up to FriendFeed yet but have seen a lot of positive press around it. Is ti worth it? And while I’ve signed up to Plurk, I’ve not really used it much. I can see the differences, just, I think. But is it worth maintaining both a Plurk and Twitter feed? And am I missing some major use or difference for Plurk that will make me want to embrace it as much as I have Twitter?


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