The appointment is at tooth hurty

I view it as karma of sorts. For the vast majority of my life I’ve avoided any kind of teeth-related problems. I brush well, I floss, I use mouthwash, I avoid sugar as much as possible. Dentist check-ups used to last about 30 seconds before sending me off with a clean bill of health. And although I’d never gloat, I did feel slightly smug when friends would list the fillings they’d gone through.

Bad me.

Then three months ago, I broke a tooth, which then got infected and I got my first experience of root canal surgery. Woo.

I also needed a small filling done on another tooth. That tooth was absolutely fine until last week, when I got a dull ache that wouldn’t go away. Thankfully it’s not infected yet, but the nerves in it are dying. And hurt. And, yep, I now need another round of root canal surgery.

Can you tell how thrilled I am by this prospect.

Even my current dentist has apologised for needing to carry out more surgery – the rest of the teeth are apparently excellent and in great condition. Bar two. Which have died. Within three months of each other.

I’m now keeping a stiff upper lip and hoping the tooth won’t get too painful between now and surgery next week but the neurofen’s on standby just in case.

And if my wisdom teeth even so much as think of playing up now, I’ll give them buggers what for. Or rather I wont’. I’ll just be in more pain.


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