About Gary

Gary Andrews is an award-winning broadcast journalist and writer, and describes himself as the latter in the belief it may impress women. This ploy, so far, hasn’t worked but he’s convinced one day somebody will be impressed enough to at least buy him lunch in a posh restaurant.

Gary has now works in the world of the web, social media, and publicity. He still describes himself as a writer, and is still failing to get laid. He’s worked for a number of broadcasters including the BBC, GCap, ITV and The Local Radio Company, but is generally happy in any place that has immediate access to decent coffee.

In 2004 a bunch of students, for some reason unknown to Gary and the wider populace, though he might be able to do a job editing the Cardiff University student newspaper, gair rhydd. Somehow, after muddling through his year in charge, the paper was crowned Guardian Student Newspaper of the Year 2005. He gave away part of his prize because air travel makes him nervous and very ill.

In 2007 a container ship beached off Devon and spent the best part of 9 months dictating Gary’s life, and those of his then colleagues, and was affectionately known as ‘that bastard ship’ or other names less polite in the newsroom. But weeks of getting dragged down to the East Devon coast for 6am to do live broadcasts paid off and the news team (of which Gary was their main reporter) and they won Gold at the European Radio Awards for their coverage. Gary has since left Devon. The ship, so far, hasn’t.

Gary has a strange and some may say masochistic love of non-league football and writes a weekly column on this subject for Soccerlens. Since you ask, he has neither a beard nor a parka but does quite like real ale.

When not working, Gary spends time trying not to burn elaborate vegetarian meals, getting depressed over Exeter City’s results, complaining than Martin Scorsese did it better in the 70s, doing his best to battle middle-age spread, and avidly devouring Neil Gaiman’s work in the non-literal sense.

He is not fond of referring to himself in the third person, but has done so here in the mistaken belief it makes him look intelligent. This is his imaginatively titled blog.


Copyright, corrections and quoting

Everything on here, unless highlighted otherwise, was written by me and the copyright of this material is asserted by the author. Namely, me.

I’ll do my best to, wherever possible, acknowledge and link to anything quoted on here via hyperlink. If I’ve missed out the link, let me know and I’ll add it.

If I’ve got something wrong, let me know in the comments and I’m more than happy to correct whatever’s wrong. If I’ve got something seriously wrong, then email me using the form below and I’ll correct as soon as humanely possible.

I’m pretty relaxed if you want to quote any of the inane ramblings on this site provided it is in the context of a larger article, discussion, bookmarking, or just flagging up something I’ve written you think is interesting. Although I’d prefer it if you link back to the original post if possible. Ta.

I’m less relaxed if you’re from a professional publication and have lifted wholesale anything written on here and then published it elsewhere, under my name or otherwise, and you’re likely to get invoiced for £125 for one-off use. Sorry, but it’s just not very polite, and I was brought up with good manners.

That said, if you want to publish anything written here or want something further from me on any of the topics I blog about, drop me a line and we can discuss deadlines, payment and the like.

Please note: I don’t accept payment solely in pies. Or cheese. Somebody has already tried the latter.

Sorry if the above all sounds a bit serious. Basically, condensed, it’s just a play nice message. And I have to fund my tea addiction somehow.


Contact me

Use the form below to contact me. I’d prefer it if you’d attach vast sums of money in the process of doing so. However, I’ll settle for a pie, or even just a cup of tea and a biscuit.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Dani March 22, 2007 at 9:42 am

    Tsktsk, you call yourself a writer and yet, there are two spelling mistakes in your bio, neither of which would be picked up by the spell checker.

    Sorry, proof-reading has sort of become second nature to me, so I just had to point the typos out. No offense meant!

  2. 2 garyandrews March 22, 2007 at 10:30 am

    Thanks Dani. I’ve spotted a couple of errors and changed them, although I’m not sure if those were the ones you mentioned. I’m not great at proofing my own stuff, mainly because I just can’t see things once I finish writing. I’m the same at work.

    Give me somebody else’s stuff though…

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