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This new series of Doctor Who then

Nope, I’m still not tiring of it yet. I’ve been really impressed with Catherine Tate considering nothing on earth would have compelled me to watch her sketch show, and I haven’t found myself longing for next week’s preview too many time so far. Last week’s episode wasn’t the best Who ever, but still pretty decent. I do feel in a bit of a minority though. Most places I read regularly seem to hate it.

Am I alone here?


I may be alone here…

But I thought Catherine Tate’s performance is Doctor Who wasn’t half bad. That said, I liked Donna Noble in the Christmas special as well, and think she’ll go on a real journey.

And this is from somebody who though Catherine Tate’s sketch show was one of the most irritating and unfunny programmes around, so it’s not as if I’m in the ‘Tate can do no wrong club’.

Ok, the first episode of the new series was a bit weak, but that was down to the writing rather than the performances. And Rose is back. Intriguing. I’m looking forward to the next few episodes.

I’ll also be settling down to watch Primeval on DVD at some point, having missed a couple of episodes of the last series. If you’ve not seen it yet, and count yourself a Dr. Who/sci-fi fan, then I can highly recommend it. It has dinosaurs, a reasonable amount of sci-fi gobbledygook, and Hannah Spearritt. What’s not to like?

The BBC does give a fuck

Lots of it, apparently.

I’m especially intrigued by the person who wrote to Ofcom that it was the most offensive programme ever broadcast by the BBC on Christmas Day. Did they keep watching just to get offended?

If they’d said it should have been taken off air on the grounds that the Catherine Tate show isn’t very funny, I’d have had a lot more time for them.

(As a side note, I actually think she’ll make a good Doctor’s assistant, and was much better than Kylie this year. I think I’m somewhat alone in that opinion.)

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