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Gary elsewhere

At Soccerlens: Should we regionalise lower-league football?

The short answer is no, not yet. But the long answer is also worth reading.

I’m in deepest, darkest Devon this week with limited net connectivity, so there may be no posts. Alternatively I may pass the time with long pieces on the future of media. It’s the uncertainly that keeps this place so exciting.

So, if it’s quiet on here until beyond Thursday, then Happy Christmas/Winterval/other to one and all.


Festive linkdump

Merry Christmas to everybody. If, like me, Christmas isn’t a particularly big deal (unless you count the Dr. Who special) then here’s a few links to divert your attention as you digest the turkey [1].  Although this isn’t a bah humbug post – I’m more indifferent to various aspects of Christmas than anything else.

Anyway, should you have a lot of time and a more-than-healthy interest in social networking sites, Adam Greenfield has an excellent post on these, with very interesting discussion. It’s nice to see somebody trying to engage with the negative sides of Facebook et al without just resorting to sneering.

A fascinating, and all too familiar, lower league row brewing over TV rights at 200 per cent.

A quite sweet Yuletide tale from PC Bloggs.

And a ridiculously inappropriate Christmas present. Far less tasteful than anything I could have dreamed up.

Right, I’m off to pick from sprouts from our veg garden and cook my Christmas dinner – roast butternut squash stuffed with chestnuts and Parmesan. Merry Christmas everyone.

[1] Exeter City, meanwhile, hopefully will be stuffing the Turkey tomorrow afternoon. That’s what I’m most excited about. Perhaps even more so than Dr. Who.

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