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The weirdest thing I’ve read all week

Tim Worstall branded an online extremist and a threat to democratic debate after an argument about economics with Richard Murphy (that I won’t even begin to pretend to understand) gets a bit heated, and one person on Tim’s blog calls Richard some rather rude names.

Gawd alone knows there’s enough political bloggers who could be accused of being a bit suspect with the idea of a democratic debate and particularly nasty when it comes to (somewhat pointless) online spats, but Tim would probably be bottom of that list.

In the earlier days of blogging Tim was one of those people who did as much as anybody to try and bring the community together, largely through the Britblog Roundup, but also via various other initiatives. A lot of the stuff was a bit ahead of its time and would probably fall under the social media banner now – and he’s not even a PR, marketing or tech guy.

He’s also one of the very few (reasonably) high-profile bloggers I can think of who has earned himself regular writing gigs for most of the mainstream press at one point or another, and has kept the gigs going for a number of years. He’s also very quick to pounce on any kind of assault on civil liberties.

His politics may not be anywhere in line with my own but there’s no doubt the internet – and blogging in particular – would be a slightly poorer place if it weren’t for Tim.

The most bizarre bit of all is Richard stating that Comment Is Free (which both of them write for) is the best place to fight a war against online extremism. The abuse on CiF may be moderated, but it’s often far more vicious than anything Tim’s regulars post in his comments.

Fine, by all means try and sort out flaming (and other people have tried and failed) but at least start in the right area.


Mr Worstall

This may be one of the few times, perhaps the only time, I’ll ever come remotely close to endorsing UKIP. Uber-blogger Tim Worstall is looking to become the party’s MEP candidate for the London Region.

I’ve got a lot of time for Tim. He’s done as much as anybody to help shape the scape of the UK (political) blogosphere from his base in Portugal. He knows his economics and all parties could learn a lot from his writings, he’s very hot on civil liberties, and from the small amounts of contact I’ve had with him, and from his writings, I reckon he’d make an excellent MEP, MP, councillor, or whatever type of political representative he decided to stand for under whatever political banner.

However, there’s also a lot I disagree with UKIP on in general which I’ve not got time to go into, and normally I’d never even pause to consider their name in the voting booth. This time I’d certainly pause over Tim’s name even if I don’t think he’d vote for him. But those with politics slightly more in alignment with his should certainly consider him, assuming he’s selected.

I can’t ever imagine voting for UKIP, but I wouldn’t be upset if Tim got elected. If that makes sense.

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